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Bluegrind.comAre you interested in the entertainment industry? Would you like to find the breaking news about your favorite TV show? If that is so, could be of your interest. This is the site of the WGMB Fox 44, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and it provides you with local news, and data about the Fox programming.

In case you live in Baton Rouge and want to be updated with the latest news from your city, this site might be of help. By visiting you will be informed about the breaking news on the entertainment industry, as well as local news. Feel free to stop by this site and take a look at the channel programming.

Do you live in Baton Rouge? Do you want to to check the Fox channel programming? Then, you just have to visit to find what you are looking for. In addition, this site gives you data about the entertainment industry. In Their Own Words

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Lots of bugs! Many of the URLS on the site were non-functional. Also, when the page opens up there is no audio instructional for the blind. Does this defeat the purpose of the site? You have to click to connect to the subpage which takes you through an audio instructional, and I am afraid many of the visually impaired who are accoustumed to independence might not find this feature unless someone pointed it out to them.