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BlueChipCareer.comBlue Chip Career is a new professional networking platform that enables job seekers to connect directly with industry experts in order to develop job search and interviewing strategies.

The site facilitates personalized connections in an unprecedented way, as job seekers are allowed to choose a career advisor from a large network of professionals that have extensive experience interviewing and hiring at prestigious companies.

Everything from cover letter to resumes can be improved with their assistance. And they will also let job seekers develop their every strength.

A networking site like this one is invaluable in the sense that people like you and me can make a personalized connection with the kind of professionals that have always been accessible through elite alumni networks only.

Such a democratic approach benefits everybody. As a job seeker, you are able to face interviews in a more competent way. And by letting you develop your strengths, the advisors are making a more reliable employee out of you. The firm or company that hires you will benefit from that; you will be able to make a far more tangible contribution to it. In Their Own Words

“Blue Chip Career aims to break down the barriers of networking to provide all job seekers access to a professional network that rivals that of America’s most elite Universities and Business Schools.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let job seekers connect with advisors whose knowledge couldn’t be surpassed, and who can guide them like nobody else when it comes to making the right first impressions.

Some Questions About

How do you become an advisor? What are the requirements?

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