– New & Used Car Classifieds Online is currently, the site of Kelly Blue Brook’s official guide for car buyers. It is one these resources that you can’t afford to miss if you’re thinking of getting a new car anytime soon. The site includes listings that come from certified sellers, along with a series of car reviews, and a chart featuring the latest car values.

But the true appeal of the Kelley Blue Brook website lies in the direct guidance sections that are included. “What should I pay for a new car?”, “What should I pay for a used car?”, “What’s my current car worth?” and “Which car is right for me?”. Each one of these offers personalized assistance to car buyers all over the US.

For example, if you visit the “What should I pay for a new car?” section, you’ll be able to choose from three main options that are “I know which car I want”, “I’d like to compare new cars” and “I want a certified pre-owned car”. And it’s the same with all of the sections that were just listed above.

The aim of the site is to let you find the car that’s the best not only for your budget, but also for your actual needs. By providing users with so many research tools, Kelly Blue Brook has effectively got an edge over related websites.

And the process of going through all the cars that are part of the database is made a lot simpler since the best of the best are grouped in the section named “KBB Top Picks”.