Bloomin’ Marvellous – Platform Sends Flowers on Demand

BloomsyBox is a flower delivery startup that brings flowers from farm to doorstep on a subscription based service. Shipping to the United States only, BloomsyBox uses flowers from all over the world.

Why we love it

BloomsyBox is a delivery service that brings responsibly farmed flowers direct to your door on a monthly basis. This is essentially the most middle to upper class business model ever, delivering beautiful organic beings to those who like to look at them before they wither and die.

Ok, cynicism aside, the company is, in reality, pretty clever. It follows a trend for fresh and organic produce – typically repeated with fruit and vegetables by different companies all over the world – to be delivered to discerning customers who want guilt and chemical-free things. Which is understandable. BloomsyBox has followed this global appreciation for sustainability and has now applied it to flowers.

BloomsyBox grows flowers in locations all over the world, including the Netherlands, California, South East Asia and South America. The flowers are bought direct from the farmers, cutting out middlemen and unnecessary markups. Similarly, BloomsyBox bucks traditional trends by sending subscribers bunches of single variety flowers, rather than arrays of different and contrasting colors.

There are a few questions we have for BloomsyBox, though. The first is air miles. If flowers are coming from farms all over the world, how many planes are being used to deliver them? California to the rest of the United States is one thing; South East Asia is quite another. Similarly, cutting out middlemen may mean cost cutting for customers, but do the farmers benefit from this?  

If these are actually non issues, then BloomsyBox is great – everyone could do with some more color in their lives. But if these are issues that actually need solving, well, maybe Bloomsy needs to head back to the drawing board on that one.


.@BloomsyBox delivers single variety bunches of flowers from farm to door, on a convenient, subscription basis