– Having Employees Teach One Another

Bloomfire.comA startup that hails from Michigan, Bloomfire provides companies with a platform for social learning. That is, through the company’s services any organization can come up with a sort of intranet, or a series of communities within its ranks in which employees teach one another.

Courses are created by users, and no extraordinary skills at all are required to create them. The Bloomfire platform also lets them create detailed profiles that can be consulted by any person. Those who create a course (by combining media like videos and images) can visualize their progress at all times, and see which points are proving to be more popular among those who take the course. In this way, it is possible to give people more of what they like, and refrain from including content that is actually unpalatable. And people can always ask the course’s creator directly – it works both ways.

Three plans are already featured, and they all come with a 30 day trial. The differentiating factors include better upstream and downstream rates along with more storage capacity for the more expensive plans, named “Ranch” and “Open Range”. (The basic plan is entitled “Homestead”.) And note that a demo can be requested anytime, too. In Their Own Words

“Collaborative social learning community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as usages of the Social Web go, this one ranks among the most practical and better-focused for sure. It can completely redefine the way employees teach one another what they know.

Some Questions About

How will this service advertise itself?