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Bloombla.comThe idea behind the Bloombla website is to let users share with others information about what they have done today. It’s not a groundbreaking premise, but it must be said that any endeavor that furthers and advances human communication and interaction is always a welcome addition to the World Wide Web.


The system is implemented in the following manner: when sharing an experience, you are informed of other members that have done exactly the same thing. You can then see how they perceive that very same experience. It is quite interesting to see what the selfsame experience means to people located all over the world, and the thoughts it elicits.

The site also enables the user to form his community of friends and read about things they have done and experienced, effectively arousing interest for activities that were done and enjoyed by like-minded individuals.

In that way, the site acts as a tool for self-discovery and realization, and this alone makes it worth visiting. Make sure to point your browser to if you want to see what this new initiative is all about. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Bloomba, we are connecting the world together. Quickly add things you’ve done in your life and we will do the rest.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like a social network with a different element thrown in for good measure.

Some Questions About

Can experiences of any kind whatsoever be narrated online, or are there any limitations?

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