– MicroBlogs for You and for Me

BlogyNet.comBlogynet is yet the latest offering in the sphere of microblogging. Blogynet’s microblogs provide users with a dead simple means to update their daily goings on and to stay in touch with those they care about.

Blogs are free and they come with video, image, and audio capability. There’s also a photo management tool thrown in the mix. It’s simple to create a community of friends; controls let you define your audience—you can choose to open your blog to everyone or keep if for a select few. Browsing through Blogynet’s blogs you’ll find that they’re very simple, yet elegant. There’s a directory for all the blogs and there’s also a discussion space for the community. In Their Own Words

“Blogynet is an easy Free Micro Blog utility with social features.

Combined with a free online photo management space, micro-blogging is a great way to keep people up to date on what you are doing or just share internet media and links.

• Upload photos, videos or publish notes • get the latest news from your friends • post videos on your profile • tag your friends • use privacy settings to control who sees your personal data • and much more…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Blogynet blogs are simple. The site is leveraging the popularity of light comm tools like Twitter and Jaiku. With its media rich offerings, and intuitive features, Blogynet provides users with a stylish outlet to express their opinions, to keep friends up to date, and to stay in touch.

Some Questions About

Will Blogynet be able to capture its necessary market share? It’s not unique so it will have to do a good job of marketing itself to be able to reach critical mass.