– Making Guest Blogging Trendy Again

BlogSynergy.comThe concept of guest blogging was born not so long ago as a way to give both bloggers and their blogs a further degree of exposition. It was popular for a while, but then it seemed to fizzle out.

Well, Blog Sinergy aims to rebuild the momentum that was lost.

Simply put, Blog Sinergy is a platform that makes posting on other people’s blogs and receiving the contributions of others in yours a piece of cake. This new platform is entirely free, and it lets people sign up either as writers or as blog owners.

That is, Blog Sinergy lets not only bloggers collaborate among themselves, but it actually lets people who don’t have a blog contribute as extensively as they want to these blogs that they love reading.

That is an excellent idea – such people are sure to have a lot to say, and (in most cases) the time for coming up with really ornate pieces of writing. It’s a win-win situation. The blogger gets quality content for free, and the writer gets a creative outlet. In Their Own Words

“Guest Blogging made easy!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives bloggers a ready opportunity to get quality content, and it lets creative people show the world what they can do.

Some Questions About

How many guests can the same blog have? Is there any kind of limit?