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BlogSieve.comIf you like using RSS feeds to stay updated about your favorite websites and news blogs, you’ll be interested in what BlogSieve has to offer. The site addresses the problem that Atom, RDF and RSS feeds are often too specific, which results in you having to sort through various feeds to find the ideal one.


BlogSieve is a free tool that creates new feeds from existing feeds. You can use BlogSieve to filter, merge, sort and strip any valid feeds into a new feed in any format you choose. BlogSieve provides a tool that helps you find existing feeds through sites like Feedster and Technorati. Then you can combine and filter them to your taste. Voila, feed soup, as you like it. In Their Own Words

BlogSieve is a free web-based tool that creates new feeds by filtering, merging and sorting existing feeds. The BlogSieve engine accepts virtually every (valid) feed format, processed results are then exported into any feed format you choose.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The killer point is that you can combine multiple filter, merge, sort and strip functions into a single new BlogSieve based feed. This really simplifies the usage of RSS feeds, which can be great for doing research or just learning the latest news from your favorite blogs.

Some Questions About

The site is great but could use some development. For example, what about organizing the Recently Created Feeds so there is some way people can find another person’s feed more easily?

Author : Bruce Turner

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