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Blogs.Xanco.comUp to speed with the whole moblogging—that’s mobile blogging for you neophytes– scene? If not, Xanco’s a good place to start. With Xanco you can kick start your mobile lifelog in seconds.

Mobile blogging is a something of a blogging shorthand—think microblogs but on the go. With Xanco you can easily upload photos and videos from your phone and share them with your friends and family anywhere in the world. And it’s free. To get started simply choose a name for your lifelog, as they call it, and join the community. You can send your stuff via email or MMS. Other members can comment and rate your posts. You can even add friends and start a community log. Start your lifelog today, remember it’s free. In Their Own Words

“Xanco is a free mobile weblog, or lifelog. You can take photos or shoot videos with your camera phone and share them with your friends or family anywhere in the world using a lifelog.
Add a subject and description and simply upload them to Xanco using email or MMS.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Xanco’s a really simple moblog platform. It’s free to use and easy to setup. Users can add friends and keep in touch with all the people they care about.

Some Questions About

Will Xanco add any more features? What’s the upload limit?