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“Download BlogRovr´s browser plug-in and tell Rovr what blogs you like. While you browse, Rovr will show you posts from them about the page you´re on. Rovr´s tray slides in briefly showing summaries of the posts it finds. Click on the summaries and read the full posts, hovering right on the pages they discuss.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a cool tool that blog readers (which there are tons of) will enjoy, because it allows them to see if new sites are trusted, or if they shouldn´t waste their time by seeing their trusted bloggers´ opinions right there. Bloggers will enjoy this because it gives them far more coverage without any of the work. If they already have established a trustworthy opinion, others will care to hear what they´ve said on new sites. This is a unique tool that hasn´t been copy-catted a thousand times yet, which makes it stand out.

Some Questions About

Will blog readers want to have other´s opinions on sites they´re browsing before they get to make their own opinion? Will people want to download one more plug-in?