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The important features they offer include a great one-click blog interface that makes it easy to navigate through the site, a page for hottest posts to see and be seen, a unique text2podcast system, simple HTML coding and more. Right now blogs such as and are stuffed full of millions of blogs that get lost in the shuffle. On the other hang, is brand new host which offers bloggers a chance to stand out and be viewed like a big fish in a small bowl instead of swimming a crowded school. Personalizing options are increased with innovative blog templates that are available to view from the Blogonize tour. The tour is currently not running but as soon as it does the options will be much more impressive. In Their Own Words

“Blogonize is the ultimate blogging solution with an extensive list of innovative features to create one heck of a blog! Already a member of another blog host? Make the switch today and you’ll be glad you did!”

Why It Might Be A Killer is an innovative blogging site that gives bloggers a fresh site to build on and expand their following.

Some Questions About

What is the text2podcast system? Besides this feature what else differentiates from the rest of the blog hosts?