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Blogectory.comBlogectory aims to be the premier blog directory site on the web. The website is still in ultra Beta mode (to date, there is only one blog listed in the directory) but the set-up and idea shows promise.

The site categorizes blogs into fifteen descriptions, ranging from academics to lifestyle to travel, and includes subcategories to further specify relevant sites. Writers or fans can then submit a specific site to be included in the directory, and the blog will be assigned a profile page including contact information, recent activity, and a bibliography. In the future, the site will highlight top blogs and new blogs. In Their Own Words

“The first Draft Blogetory”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Currently, the best resource to search for blogs is Technorati. However, discovering new websites is often frustrating (because of the many keywords attached to Technorati blogs). Blogectory forces writers to specifically categorize their blog, which makes it easier for readers to find exactly what they are looking for

Some Questions About

When will the site have more information up? There is no “about” section or other essentials that are necessary to launch a new site.