– The 2.0 Search Engine


Blogdimension.comBlogdimension is a search engine whose primary focus is the blogosphere. You can search for micro-blogs, blogs, forums, discussion boards, news feeds, audio, videos, and images.

As with most major search engines, you’ll find, on the start page, a query box with several filter options. Choose to focus on blogs, images, audio, or videos; search only English speaking sites or include sites from all over the world. Advanced search options allow you to filter by domain and host name, blog location, and blog title/author/category. Blogdimension also allows site submission. If you own a blog or forum, submit it for faster indexing. Currently the site is featured in its original French as well as English however the engine itself supports 20 languages with more on the way. In Their Own Words

“What is Blogdimension? A multi-platform search engine, targeting the vast and growing universe of bloggers.
Our objective is to become one of the leading reference search tools, facilitating the retrieval of Web 2.0-(like) contents. We increase the choice and search capacity for those who currently use only gigantic “monoproducts” but are becoming ready or are now ready to vary their sources.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Searching on the major search engines often leads to frustration—you literally have to look through dozens of pages to find exactly what you need. Blogdimension narrows your search specifically—it’s aimed at all things 2.0. Commercial results aren’t thrown into the mix.

Some Questions About

How are results pulled? How exact is the search engine? Will users find it better than Google et. al.?