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BlogAdda.comThe just launched Blogadda is a site geared at Indian (of the subcontinental variety) bloggers. The process is ingeniously effortless: Indian bloggers sign up for a free Bloggadda account and add their blog to the group.

Then they continue to blog as usual. Blogs subsequently get more readers and more exposure. At the same time, blog readers can easily find blogs that interest them, by sorting through Blogadda’s tagcloud, or checking out the most recent posts on the site’s homepage. Recent users entries, and general ‘Recentness’ are showcased on the frontpage. Readers who don’t have a blog of their own can still register and add comments on any of Blogadda’s blogs. In Their Own Words

“Blogadda provides Indian bloggers a platform to showcase their blogs. If you are looking to promote your own blog or discover blogs on various topics, you have come to the right place. Sign Up and Submit your blog”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Blogadda narrows down the teeming blogosphere and makes it a little simpler to find the blogs that suit your interests. As a network, Blogadda brings more readers to individual blogs and the blog owners don’t have to do anything extra. Hits two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Some Questions About

How will Blogadda generate numbers? As with most sites, Blogadda can only work if more people sign up and read. How are they going to make any revenue?