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Blog.WeBothLike.comEntrepreneur Steve Poland had decided to create a start-up that was entirely ‘Crowd-sourced.’ I guess you could say he was taking web 2.


0 to its logical extreme. Poland’s ultimate goal was to raise $20,000 ++ in contributions, or donations from blog readers and anyone else feeling particularly generous, whilst blogging about the whole venture. Readers would actually be able to participate in business decisions by taking part in polls and discussion. Originally and aptly titled Ringside Startup, the project has now been renamed WeBothLike. Poland ran into problems raising the money. The scheme and plan remain the same—that is, we, the public will still be able to get all the inside details, however, the venture has already been started. The aim of WeBothLike is to connect like minded people. Poland will keep blogging, he’ll keep his panel of experts, and he’ll continue to accept contributions. Follow his progess and vote on the future of WeBothLike. In Their Own Words

“I’m going to launch a web service/software start-up via this website with the active participation of my readers and insight/advisement along the way by seasoned web entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.
I have posted many web start-up ideas at my blog Techquila Shots and am raising $20,000+ in contributions (“donations”) from readers like you to actually launch one of them. I will blog about the entire experience often, making this start-up process an open book — and I’ll be having you participate in various business decisions by using polls (i.e. ideas on marketing, functionality/features, data/content, usage, market size, advisors, strategic partners, prospective clients, etc).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While RingSide Startup version 1.0 didn’t really go as planned, Poland’s idea is still viable. It’s a valuable way for entrepreneurs and anyone curious about the web startup process to learn about everything from ideas to execution. It’s got that hint of democracy and participation that the 2.0 crowd loves.

Some Questions About

While people may be fascinated by the inner-workings of the web start up biz, will they be interested in the site itself? Doesn’t WeBothLike sound like another social network? Will it change course?


Author : Siri Marshall

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