Meet The New Champion Of Millennial Marketing: BLKBOX

Undoubtably, there is no group more tired of hearing about the Millennial generation than Millennials. Hailed or vilified for everything that they do, they receive an outrageous amount of attention. Why?


They are the largest, most diverse, most dynamic consumer market, and no one can speak their rapidly evolving language. No one is sure how to answer to their tastes, goals, innovations… And for all the efforts made to better understand and market to these Millennials, surprisingly little of the conversation belongs to them.


That’s because 80% of advertising budgets (and decision-making power) is in the hands of their elders.


Well, look out, because marketing agency BLKBOX is going to change the industry.


blckbox landing


I hear your snickers, naysayers, but the team behind BLKBOX has an in that gives them a distinct advantage over the competition attempting to decode the Millennial mind – it’s staffed by… Millennials!


Who better to create relevant marketing? Sorry, the experience card and budget card are a pair of deuces in this high-stakes game. BLKBOX knows their market, they aren’t afraid to push boundaries and make people uncomfortable, and they have the ace of spades: data.


From brand strategy to insights and analytics to creative execution, BLKBOX provides an end-to-end service that’s data driven – and they have the wisdom to see that the Millennial mindset refused to be confined by age bracket long ago. Like it or not, they are the prevailing force throughout the entire consumer culture. BLKBOX has the tools and vision to converse with the market.


Already their blend of down-to-earth yet in-your-face messaging has earned them over $7M in revenue in just two years. “While we respect our elders,” adds BLKBOX Co-Founder Dionna McPhatter, “we think it’s naïve to think they can fully answer the challenges of marketing to the Millennial mindset – it’s clear the industry needs an alternative. BLKBOX is just that, a performance driven, Millennial creative agency built for the future.”


Let the Millennial understanding and market mastery commence. Introducing marketing for Millennials, by Millennials.


BLKBOX calls NYC home. Learn more about their work and services by visiting their website,, and their Instagram.


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