– Leave Video Messages


BlipBack.comWith the widget, anyone with a webcam or a video enabled phone can leave a video message.

In order to use the widget all you need to do is register yourself with the service, cut and paste the code onto your site, and you are ready for people to leave you video messages. It is that simple. The widget even works with many other websites you may be a member, for instance, MySpace, Blogger, and Facebook. The widget from the site is absolutely free. In Their Own Words

“BlipBack is a video comment widget!
You can embed this widget on any number of social network sites or blogs you have. Blipback lets you or your friends record short video comments directly to your page.
Blipback also can recieve video messages from cellphones. So if you have a video enabled phone you can post directly to your widget while out and about or hand out the address to your friends and family and they can post to your page while they are out.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Clearly with the popularization of websites such as MySpace and Facebook, many people will want to use this to have video messages posted on their site. This could spread like wildfire amongst such sites as those as soon as a few people get a hold of it and the rest of the people see this technology being utilized.

Some Questions About

Regardless of how popular this widget becomes, there is no monetization of the site. There is no advertisement and the widget itself is free.