– Now anyone can make TV makes it possible for anyone to create and star in their own TV show.

They provide the hosting, advertising (of which you share 50/50), the various video formats, the promotion, fair terms, the ability to have your creation shown on an actual TV though Internet video on demand service Akimbo, and fans to support you. All that´s left up to you is the actual creation of the video. You can also check out other users´ videos that they´ve posted and can browse through the options by the different categories and tabs that are available. In Their Own Words

“We”ve got a great service for great shows. We believe that the world is fundamentally changing as it becomes easier and easier for individuals and small groups of people to create their own video. Our mission is to make this even easier by taking care of all the problems a budding videoblogger, podcaster or Internet TV producer would run into. We”ll take care of the servers, the software, the workflow, the advertising and the distribution. Your focus should be on creativity.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

They provide a lot of useful tools for budding movie makers, and if a show becomes a hit, both the creator and the site will benefit from it. They already have 45,000 content creators, and advertising from Dove and Paltalk. CNN and Oxygen TV are a couple of their licensors.

Some Questions About

How will they handle all of the content as the site grows? Will people use when there are so many other internet video sites?