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Blarchives.comIs your content so good that you think people would be willing to pay for it? Well, if you certainly think so this new service will let you take a new step in the monetization of your blog, and begin offering premium content to any person who visits it.


Blarchives is actually a network of blogs that have a portion of their content labeled as premium, and only accessible by the ones who pay the monthly fee that is charged. Currently, that fee stands at $ 4.99, and those who pay it will be able to access all the content on Blarchives-enabled blogs.

That is, the ones who use this service will be allowed to view all premium content via a single login. At no point will they have to submit individual information to any of the featured blogs in order to access the content that has been categorized as premium. And a free 30-day trial is provided, too. If you are interested, you will be able to sample the featured content to the full for such a period. And 30 days is time enough to make up your mind for good. In Their Own Words

Support bloggers and get full access to premium blog content!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bloggers will love it, because it will let them monetize their content in a way that is convenient both for them and their readers – everything is dealt with using a single login.

Some Questions About

How many blogs are already part of the Blarchives network?

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