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First, let’s get all the bad things that can be said about ratings and reviews out of the way – they’re paid, therefore unreliable; they’re scattered all over the place; they’re outdated; the good ones are lumped with silly comments and crazy people’s opinions; they’re boooooooooooring!


Phew. Now that that’s out of the way, we can turn our attention to an app that’s the antidote to all that ails typical feedback online. It’s called Blahah.


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Blahah is a free app where people can rate, and have rated, anything that their heart (or startup business) desires. Users create profiles and then Blahahs, where people can voice their opinions and find useful scores on all kinds of things – from restaurants to applications, blooper videos to apps to home decor — you name it.


Once media has been added, others press “Blah” (disagree) or “aha!”(agree) to help build a Blahah rating. This is a quick way to validate an idea, leave your opinion, find out what others think.


It’s as simple as adding media, descriptions, any categories you’d like scored, and then letting others in on the reviewing. The system provides fast ratings that are easy to analyze and, if so desired, make improvements where the crowd has voiced their Blah.


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Data is like bread – it goes stale almost immediately. No sane person makes a judgement based on a review someone left four years ago. Too much changes for older reviews to serve as a reliable gauge of the quality of services or products in the present. Blahah is all about real-time data; find up to the moment scores that truly matter.


No paid reviews to sift through on this app (which is available on iOS or Android). No looking a thousand places for reviews on various content and services. No need to read extensively or filter out inane comments to determine the value of something. With Blahah, it’s a cinch to rate, review, and share. You’ll find simple, fun, worthwhile feedback through the app.


Want to know if the latest musical is worth attending? Want to know if the iPhone 7 is a stud or a dud? If you’re in a particular industry then you may care to read exhaustive reviews from multiple sources, but everyone else is keen on a quick way to get the skinny. Voilà, Blahah scores.


Find out how brands, people, and products truly rate on Blahah. Plus, if you’re one of the first 500 people to download the app and register, then you also stand a chance to win a hotel getaway. So don’t delay.


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