Private Eyes, They’re Watching You – Unless You Use BlackFog


I want you to take a minute and think about whether or not you truly know all of the ways your internet connection makes you vulnerable. For example, you probably know that hackers exist, even if hacking seems like something that only happens to other people. More commonly, you’re most likely aware that websites and apps track your actions and sell that information to advertisers. Maybe you’ve been freaked out by mentioning a company in an email, only to have it pop up in a Facebook ad or you’ve had your financial information compromised via unsecured networks. That is why seeking out a list of best VPN’s for your needs is critical in making you feel safe and secure, no matter what you’re doing online.

Point being: There are so, so many ways that people can and are accessing information about you — information that you’d probably like to keep private.

So what’s a security-conscious person to do? Well, one option is to sign up for help from BlackFog, which offers cyber privacy protection for Windows 7, 8, and 10. They’re a top of the line security system that makes sure your data and information are protected from the people who are trying to get it from you.
What does that entail? First of all, they block and all data collection. Their BlackFog Privacy product monitors your online activity in real time. While a lot of privacy tools just monitor your browser, BlackFog blocks any data harvesting on your entire machine, so that you’re protected no matter where you’re accessing the internet. It also blocks data harvesting and prevents any transmission of stolen info.


Did you know that almost 50% of your online traffic is devoted to ads that you never asks for? All of those side banners and pop ups take up a lot of bandwidth — and slow down your computer in a major way. But BlackFog users have noticeably faster computers and connections because all that advertisement is gone.

And we can’t talk about cyber security without talking about what I personally think is the creepiest kind of online spying: when someone activates either the camera or microphone on your computer remotely. BlackFog blocks anyone trying to access your computer’s microphone, so you don’t have to stress about people quite literally listening in on you.

Look, everyone knows that the internet is kind of still a Wild West when it comes to security. However, so many of us just throw up our hands when faced with data collectors and hackers like, “What can we do about it? We’re just regular people!” Well, it’s time to let BlackFog be your Sheriff, fighting back against online outlaws and protecting all that is near and dear.

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