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BizUnite.comBizUnite is a web-based solution that allows smaller independent businesses to compete with large corporations by offering them a host of cost saving programs. Think of BizUnite as a solution that allows independent businesses to maintain their unique identities while benefiting from collective cost-saving measures.

Some of the group cost-saving programs available include: insurance, shipping, credit card processing, training, marketing, networking and collaboration that increases sales and reduces costs. Big companies grow and merge to take advantage of economies of scale and gain lower prices for every stage of the business process and BizUnite allows independents to do the same without compromising their independence. In Their Own Words

“BizUnite is the leading Independent Business Platform, helping independent businesses (Davids) compete with the big boxes (Goliaths) by giving the Davids “Goliath CloutSM.””

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is not always easy being a small business these days and competing with the Goliaths can sometimes seem impossible. BizUnite’s solution makes competing a possibility and that should make it a highly popular solution.

Some Questions About

Will they scale this solution further to offer similar benefits to small businesses across the world? While sign up is free, how is the pricing structured overall?