Easily Build The Beautiful Business Plan Your Company Deserves Using Bizplan

Far too many entrepreneurs shortchange themselves by not having a solid business plan. Sure, Founders are busy, and assembling an entire business plan might feel like a huge project if you haven’t put one together before, but there’s really no good excuse for not doing so when an affordable, user-friendly, and practical tool for managing business planning is within easy reach.


Bizplan is modern business planning software for startups that makes it easy to create, collaborate on, and share your business plan with investors and potential customers.




A guided builder breaks this big project down into bite-sized pieces you can actually finish, such as Team, Market Size, Advantages, and Reports, among others. Business owners can work on their business plan at their own pace, completing modular sections in any order.


Step-by-step guidance not only makes the process more manageable but ensures that no crucial components go overlooked. A progress tracker helps you keep sight of what still needs attention and how close you are to finishing.




All of the most important sections of a business plan, from identifying the market Problem to showing Traction are built into drag-and-drop templates that you can insert and easily complete.


Bizplan helps entrepreneurs gain a firm handle on their financials. You set your goals, and Bizplan does the math for you. This Financial Command Center stores all of your key stats – staff, expenses, revenue, capital, and reports – in one dashboard.


Any kind of report you might need, including balance sheets, income statements, break even analysis, and user churn, Bizplan guides users through filling out with step-by-step questions.




Having an well built business plan is a good way to keep organized and think through different aspects of your company. Perhaps more importantly, it gives you the chance to put your best foot forward, to impress potential investors and customers with a visual and engaging presentation of your company.


Plans ready for viewing are sharable with a single link, which means that team members have easy access for collaborating, and potential investors are spared bulky attachments and lengthy downloads. To the contrary, they can explore your plan from their browser using simple navigation.


PowerPoint presentations, Google Docs? With Bizplan, you can showcase your company so much better without straining to build your plan. The team behind Carter’s Kids had this to say about using Bizplan: “The service that you guys have provided is first class, prompt and creative, and I look forward to retaining your services for business plans I will need for my other ventures.”


Plans start at $19/mo for a solo entrepreneur who needs to manage one company’s plan. Visit bizplan.com to get started creating your plan or for additional details on how the software can assist with your business planning needs.


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