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Bixee.comAre you looking for job sites in India? If that is your case, you need to pay this site a visit. On you can search for jobs in India, including part time jobs and bank recruitment opportunities. You just have to use the search engine provided by Bixee and find jobs online.


When it comes to searching for jobs in India, you can stop by this site. You will find employment opportunities provided by this social networking platform for job seekers. You can search for part time jobs and recruitment jobs in India. The only thing required is to register on for free, so you can upload your resume.

To sum up, if you are looking for recruitment jobs in India, pay this site a visit. On you can search for employment opportunities, including full and part time jobs from different India cities, and online jobs as well. In Their Own Words

Bixeebot is a web-crawling robot. It visits websites containing jobs and collects snippets of the jobs to build a searchable index for the Bixee India Jobs Search.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a smart site that collects a thorough sample of open jobs. It makes it really easy for job-hunters to apply through the site.

Some Questions About

Why does the site specifically market itself as a site for jobs in India when it seems to be quite international?

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