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Bix.comDo you think you have talent? What ever your talent may be, you can create, or enter a contest and let the web be the judge. Bix.

com offers contests and face-offs of varying sorts, such as comedy, singing, karaoke, beauty, photography, and many others. Users enter contests by uploading a picture or a video of the described contest. Visitors of the site then rate which contest participant they think is the best. If it is a face-off, visitors choose which one of two they prefer. Users can find contests by using the search field, or by choosing from a category. There are also sponsored contests, available on the site, which have large prizes. Recently, the site has been purchased by Yahoo. In Their Own Words

“Anyone can see your contest unless you make your contest private. People find contests by going to the home page and browsing the list of contests. For private contests, you must email users for them to have access to your contest, and they must register to view or enter your contest. The contest creator is the only person allowed to invite people to a private contest.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Yahoo is an extremely popular site for emails, browsing, and many other things. Since Bix is now part of Yahoo, there is a huge possibility that it will also become very popular with Yahoo users. There are very few sites on the web where people can hold there own contests, and also view others. It is fun to explore, and to see people who think they have talent.

Some Questions About

Can users offer prizes for now sponsored contests? Is there a certain amount of participants required to make up a contest?