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Bitwine.comIt’s happened to all of once (if not daily): you’re comfortably working, writing or going about your business and suddenly you come across the tiniest of problems: your keyboard has switched to another language, you can’t seem to get the margins for a Word document right, or maybe you designed something and want it reviewed by an expert before submitting it to your client. The internet has always been a great way to solve these kinds of problems, and as per the launch of Bitwine.

com, it’s even more so: this new service allows users to get in touch with advisors, that is, people who are particularly savvy in any field of human agency and creation, and who will review your stuff, provide help, tips, advice, support, and perform a number of tasks over a chat app (and over skype as well). Using is free, but your advisors may request payment for their services (usually after you have made sure this person can help you), and have different going rates. In Their Own Words

“Here you can find skilled professionals in various areas such as Technology, Nutrition, Travel, Relationship, Parenting etc, get to know them in an informal setting, and enjoy their consultation from the comfort of your home”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

I reckon this service will be of great use for freelancers and teleworkers, as being your own boss frequently means that one suspends self-criticism. Thus hiring someone who can assist you in being objective about your work in a personalized way is a great service.

Some Questions About

Anyone with 20 minutes to spare and some basic ability to distinguish internet blabbering from some savvy can find free sources of information, and can get their work reviewed by other users by subscribing to any themed social network. In order to get this paid service to outsmart free resources, the people at must have a very solid business and advertising program, don’t they?