– Deluxe Cosmetic Products has become a successful business model because of the innovative use it gave to internet for selling cosmetics. Their founders, two young women graduated from Harvard Business School, saw that the beauty industry found it hard to step firmly into e-commerce.

It’s true when you think about it. Selling books or music online allows to offer parts of a text or audio samples to help the buyer decide for the purchase of that product. Even clothing can photograph fine looking models wearing the products for sale.

But how could cosmetic and perfume sellers make clients sense the smell of their products? There’s no way to upload and download that. So those responsible of the idea at Birchbox thought that if users had at least some product samples, they would feel sure about their buying choices.

The business works as follows. By subscribing to Birchbox, you will receive monthly a small pack of products. This subscription will cost $10  a month. For it you will receive from four to five hand picked deluxe items right to your door. In that way, you can order online the cosmetics you want with certainty about what you will get, but with interesting price benefits too.‘s website offers a simple though good looking design. Two menus are displayed at the top of the site, one shows you different sections, such as a magazine with articles of related topics, or another one where all the brands available are showcased. The second menu goes to the point of showing the different categories of products, like “Hair”, “Body” or “Sking care” among others. In Their Own Words

Four to five hand-picked deluxe samples delivered to your door for $10 per month.

Some Questions About

Will the company stick to cosmetics or will it be looking for new business models with this innovative idea?