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BillMyAnswer.comBill My Answer has recently launched as a community where students can find tutors who can help them out with these subjects they have difficulty with. And (moving away from other sites that let students and tutors connect online), Bill My Answer actually encourages people to interact face-to-face. That is, the site doesn’t primarily provide users with online lessons. Rather, it makes them meet with tutors in the real world, and sit down with them for an hour or two.

Math, literature, algebra, English, Spanish… all the subjects that students could have trouble with are taken into account here. And all of the featured tutors are actually rated and recommended by those who have ever hired their services in the past, so that those who strive to give their students only the best are going to be amply rewarded for their efforts.

Still, it must be pointed out that the site also makes it possible to engage tutors online. In that case, Bill My Answer works exactly like other sites such as TutorJam and TutorVista – IE, letting students schedule everything in the way that suits them best of all. In Their Own Words

BillMyAnswer is an online community that brings motivated students and talented tutors together. It is a place where students who love to learn can find tutors that are just right for them. BillMyAnswer helps these tutors grow their expertise with simple online tools they can use to promote their knowledge, tutorials and special learning. So they can then focus on what they do best – Tutoring.

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How quickly are online tutors paid for the services they render through the site?