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BillingRevolution.comOnline retailing seems to be stuck in the past. If you’re looking for a way to make your online sales more dynamic, you should try out Billingrevolution.


com. This service provides you with various mobile credit card processing solutions, so your costumers can purchase items while using their cell phone. With more and more people getting access to faster data networks (thanks in no small part to Apple’s iPhone), this could truly revolutionize the way people shop for merchandise online. They dub their solutions as “mcommerce”, and if this takes off they way it should, you’ll get tired of hearing that word. Giving customers the power to shop for merchandise from their cell phones could be the final piece in the puzzle, which will finally allows us to break free from our personal computers and use our phones for everything. If you’re an online retailer looking to modernize your sales, this is something you should seriously consider. In Their Own Words

“Billing Revolution provides mobile credit card procession solutions to merchants, publishers, and agencies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

I’m pretty sure this has been tried before, but not with an approach as clear as this. It’ll be interesting to see how many online retailers incorporate this into their systems.

Some Questions About

Will it take off? Are people comfortable enough with their cell phones to use them for shopping online?

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