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BillieTweets.comAs I am sure you know, last week we bid goodbye to one of the most significant musicians and entertainers of the 20th Century: Michael Jackson. Ever since he passed away the online world has been buzzing with activities and tributes paying homage to a man who left a permanent mark in the industry, and whom many of us remember for his superlative music videos.


This Twitter-based page lets you watch and listen to one of Jackson’s most enduring compositions (Billie Jean), and it displays random tweets that accompany the lyrics as the song flows along. The window where the video plays is a bit small, but the audio quality is excellent. And since the window where the video is displayed is so small, it can be viewed even in machines with slow Internet connections without problems.

Although I am not that well-acquainted with Jackson’s oeuvre (something I hope to address as soon as I can), the impact he has had in the world of music is palpable for every single person who is even remotely interested in such an artistic form. The review of this startup is a way of paying our respects to Mr. Jackson, and let everybody celebrate his works through one of his best-loved songs. In Their Own Words

“Billie Tweets is a Twitter tribute to Michael Jackson and his hit song “Billie Jean”.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fitting tribute to a man who redefined many aspects of music as we know and enjoy it today.

Some Questions About

Are there more sites similar to this one?

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