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BillGrid.comAn application that is mainly aimed at freelancers and people who tend to work independently, BillGrid makes for keeping a precise account of one’s expenses right on the browser, and also for having clients invoiced straightaway. As far as having expenses tracked goes, BillGrid enables users to create full reports in which expenses can be assigned to clients in just one click, and grouped under the relevant tag (or tags). And when it comes to putting invoices together, these can be created directly from the expenses that are inputted and sent over via email. Clients can then proceed to have them downloaded as PDF files, and print them for further convenience.

Automatic email reminders are sent to clients, so that they don’t forget about paying these invoices you have sent them, and integration with payment gateways such as PayPal make for collecting what is owed really fast.

And those of you who go for the professional version of the service (which costs $9.99 per month) will be able to brand these invoices you’re sending, and emblazon them with your company’s shiny logo.

An application that does something comparable (but only that for personal users) is Grndctrl. Self-defined as “a dashboard for your wallet”, that’s the one web tool you should use to get your day-to-day expenses in order. In Their Own Words

Online billing, invoice and expense management software.

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