– Cool Stuff for Your Blog is a site sponsored by MySpace, which offers different and creative options for you to design and decorate your own blog or space.

These decorations are mostly inventive imagines, which divided into different categories and are compatible with different account sponsors, such as MySpace, Hi5, Orkut and Friendster. Some of the division categories include Words, Glittered Images, Backgrounds, Cursors, Icons, Profile Layouts and Graphics. The main page basically indicates all the different categories, and present the latest Glitters, Layouts etc. Other simpler downloads include famous and funny quotes, pick-up lines and nice friendly messages to leave posted of others’ blogs. A separate link leads to, site used for the specific download of videos. Downloads for blogs may be animated or not, but regardless of that, all downloads are free of charge. A search box is included in the page in order to facilitate the finding of specific downloads. The site also provides a specific service to people, which enables one to create their own words or icons with their own glitters and animations, and afterward upload them to the site. A sign up area is available for those interested in receiving monthly free-of-charge newsletter, with news on the latest uploads and new material.