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BigImg.itYou know, larger sometimes does mean better. There are pictures that are to be experienced in all their magnitude to cause the intended effect on those who see them. If you have a photography blog, for example, the effect of images will invariably be limp if you are reducing them up to ten times just to have them posted and displayed within a timeframe that works both for you and for your visitors. Large images are mainly shunted because of that: the time it would take to have them uploaded, and the time it would take for them to be displayed once the page in question is being visited.

Enter In short, it is an applet that can be used to have big images featured on your blog or site, in a way that is practical for everybody. From a technical point of view, this is accomplished by creating an iFrame for any image that you want to have displayed. This iFrame will come with the image cropped to the very dimensions that you have set down yourself, and with full zooming and panning capabilities.

Roughly translated into English, the above paragraph means that you can take a bulky image and have it put in a small window that visitors can zoom in and out at will, and enjoy the image to the full without having to wait an eon for it to load.

Such a service is provided for free. Simply have the URL of the image that you want to embed at hand, and furnish it when prompted to see what the hoopla is all about. In Their Own Words

A big image embed applet.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Photo bloggers will love it – they will be allowed to display their works in all their splendor.

Some Questions About

Which other uses can this be put to? In which other settings could this technology be employed?

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