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BiggerVoices.comBigger Voices is a new endeavor whereby you can read articles and news about politicians and what they have done or said and then cast a vote of approval or the opposite. Eventually, you can pick people who share similar values and keep posted on the way they think.


These individuals are what the site terms “Bigger Voices”, and you can have up to seventeen of them.

The aim of the site is clear, and it is actually concisely set forth in the featured FAQ section. Basically, the interaction with others and the insight provided by your Bigger Voices will mean that you can take several aspects into account when going to vote. Furthermore, Bigger Voices are given leverage when it comes to the causes they champion, effectively eliciting change and the ability to construct something new and positive by using the Internet.

The site also enables anybody to submit articles. This is achieved by uploading the title of the article along with the URL and a succinct description. For its part, those who already have a political blog can resort to article widgets to drive more traffic to their sites. In Their Own Words

“Everyone has a voice, but sometimes it’s hard to get our little voices heard. We hope to make all the little voices count and make our politicians notice by doing the following: A) Aggregate people’s opinions on the politicians in our day to day news or blogs. B) Allow you to pick people who share similar values as you and aggregate their political opinions for you to consider when it’s time to vote.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way of spreading political conscience about.

Some Questions About

What will happen to the site once the elections are over? Will it be restructured?

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