– Store and Exchange Massive Files

BigFilebox.comBigFilebox is a new UK-based web app which allows businesses to store and exchange huge amounts of data without having to resort to email or swapping data-storage cards. It works much like other similar applications; businesses create an account, enable access to the Filebox for employees and work groups, and then each party can add or modify content as needed.

When a user wants to deposit something into the Filebox, he or she can either use the services built-in upload tool or do it via Java-enabled browsers by simply clicking and dragging into the applications “Upload” box. There are four different levels of subscriptions, all of which carry a fee except for the most basic level. Depending on which subscription you have, you can create more than one Filebox to separate different categories of data, and can have access to cool options like replacing the Filebox logo with your company’s logo. In Their Own Words

“BigFilebox is designed to eliminate problems frequently encountered by businesses when exchanging large files or folder structures. When email, FTP or sending via the post is not an option you can easily subscribe to one of our four flexible plans and get that data sent within minutes. Need data from a colleague or associate? No problem – all you need to do is issue a token via email giving them one-click access to a Filebox. How long a token lasts and whether access is read only or read/write is controlled by you. If a token has been issued in error it can be revoked at any time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BigFilebox could definitely come in handy for any individual or business that needs to store and transfer massive amounts of data; this application eliminates the need for annoying bulky emails and the hassle of carrying around data-storage cards with you constantly. The site offers a good demo in addition to plenty of helpful information in order to explain how to get their service up and running.

Some Questions About

Not really anything too new here; sounds a lot like DigitalBucket. What sets this site apart from its competitors? The costs of the more pricey subscriptions seem really expensive in comparison the options that come with the upgrade; it would be effective if the site explained exactly why their service costs so much.