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BigDonut.comBig Donut Games has built a scalable, real-time 3D MMO platform based in Flash (Flash, Flex, Papervision3D and socket server). You can check out the demo platform, a virtual skateboarding world called MySk8land.

com. Big Donut Games’ 3D MMO game engine is completely Flash-based–no user downloads required–and it’s designed to be quickly and easily customized. On the back-end are robust reporting and administration tools, a proprietary Flash physics engine and level/zone editing tools. Coupled with e-commerce and micro-transactions, integrated advertising and personalization–this is indeed a killer Flash app. What’s more, Big Donut Games’ co-founder is based in Shanghai and is strategically poised to introduce the world’s largest single audience to Flash-based multiplayer gaming with a variety of revenue models: advertising, custom instances, subscription and Free/pay-for-items. Big Donut was founded by digital marketing and development professionals with an eye toward platform licensing and creating a stand-along network of Flash-based MMO games. In Their Own Words

“Big Donut Games is making a web-based, Flash multiplayer platform. Always fun, always free to play. Beneath the hood, The Big Donut Engine is a portable, multiplayer Flash engine that’s completely customizable. Contact us about in-game advertising opportunities and stand-alone virtual world instances.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

3D MMO’s need no longer to be the domain of large game developers requiring subscriptions and lengthy client downloads. For brands and advertisers, it means low-cost, quick deployment of virtual worlds–completely skinned to whatever the creative requirements may be–all rendered in ubiquitous Flash. Think Club Penguin–only an entire network of quickly and easily produced genres with proved online gaming revenue models in both the US and Asia.

Some Questions About

How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people? Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going?