5 Tips for Your BigCommerce Store Success

Choosing the right eCommerce platform like BigCommerce is just the beginning. It takes a lot of passion and hard work for it to succeed. Everything has to function well and be easy to use, especially for store success.

Choosing the right products is important, and having a great design will help, but good customer service is the key in all eCommerce businesses. 

If you have trouble managing everything by yourself or you just want to make it better, here are five tips that will help you get there and boost your sales growth.

Prioritize Your Inventory


Managing your inventory needs to be a priority for everything to work properly. When you’re not doing it right, you are at risk of out-of-stock or even overstocking situations. Because of the rise in stock, tracking inventory is a complex job. Having a BigCommerce inventory management strategy in place is important because it reduces the chance of an error, and improves productivity.

When you overstock, it can negatively impact your sales. This increases the risk of the product never selling, limiting your funds. 

Luckily, those situations are easily avoided with good inventory management. If you don’t have it and do everything manually, a lot of room for human error grows, and it’s much more complicated.

If you do it the right way, however, you will see that it is easier when your inventory is managed well. It will improve your customer service and create a positive buying experience, which is an important goal of all eCommerce businesses.

Excel at Customer Service

For every company, having good customer service is extremely important for business growth. The whole business, organization, product choosing, and marketing are all built for the target audience. When the customers are happy, the business becomes successful.

Good feedback will get you more clients, and when those new clients have questions, being available 24/7 to respond friendly and accurately will convince them to buy a product they choose. Poor interaction leads to disappointment and losing sales even if the customers love your products.

Personalized emails and responses are helpful, but you should also consider offering shipping information and using a helpdesk. This will improve your customer service and make customers feel appreciated. Providing answers that they need and being polite creates a friendly environment, and this is how you want to be remembered.

Make It Visually Attractive

visually attractive

A beautiful online store will capture the attention of a potential customer. That first impression decides if your product interests your customer or not. With a stunning site that is visually appealing, it’s easier to make your target audience interested.

Choose a color scheme that fits your products and sticks to them, because consistency is vital when designing a website. Also, consider how it will look like on a mobile screen since many people shop online using just their phones

So, make your website mobile-friendly and ensure that everything looks perfect. A beautiful store that is easy to use and offers help if needed will enhance sales in no time.

And if you are struggling to do it on your own, you can hire BigCommerce store design services that will help you design it the way you like it.

Advertise Your Store

How else can you reach out to your target audience if not through social media? Store success always requires that you promote your brand on popular social media accounts (such as TikTok or Instagram, for example) or advertise it via GoogleAds.

Your products need to be seen to be bought, so promoting is a must in the jungle of online stores. Everybody is always trying to sell their products. Many techniques drive traffic to your store. When it comes, a good design, clever posts, and beautiful images will keep customers interested.

Boosting social presence and showcasing good feedback is a great advertisement itself. Plus, using the right hashtags and growing your followers organically gets you a chance to be noticed and loved.

Advertising is not enough without great and useful content. Choosing products that have value and solve a problem that a customer has will make them search on Google for the solution. And when they see an advertisement that makes their problem disappear easily, they become hooked.

Don’t Overcomplicate Shipping

Making shipping too complicated will make your customers give up on the products they want to buy and leave their purchase.

The least number of clicks a customer makes during the checkout process significantly increases the conversion rate on your eCommerce site. One way to do this is to offer all possible payment options such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. While most of these have been used by consumers for years, Bitcoin payments are newer and therefore not as widely accepted by eCommerce. With the cryptocurrency market values bringing in more and more investors, make your site more attractive and easier to use by integrating with a cryptocurrency payment tool.

Shipping is one of the final steps in the customer’s journey, so making it easy to use is very important. When it all goes smoothly, you will get good feedback and recommendations that you can later use on your social media.

If someone has trouble with shipping and has questions about it, you have to be available all the time. This ensures making the shopping experience pleasant and effortless, and ultimately means a lot for store success. Make them feel safe when leaving their information, and guarantee them privacy.

Final Words

In the world of online business, you have to be careful and pay attention to all the details. When you have a good organization, a beautiful website, and a process that is easy to use, success follows.

Following these strategies will help you focus on the important things and know how exactly to improve BigCommerce store success.