How Do You Connect With Consumers At The Place Buying Decisions Are Made? Bidwise

I can safely say that unless it’s time for my son’s birthday, or one of his cousins’ or friends’ birthdays, I have no interest in buying balloons. Show them to me all you want online – offer me the greatest balloon deals in the world – and I ain’t buying. Couldn’t care less about balloons until I need them.


Why do I bring this up? Because it illustrates just how futile advertising is unless it targets shoppers actively browsing, researching, and buying products. And that’s not just me blowing hot air. According to Bidwise, nearly 81% of all buying decisions happen at this stage.




This means that advertisers and shopping publishers have to hit a moving target, which is what Bidwise is all about. Bidwise helps advertisers put their messages and offers in front of consumers where it counts and helps shopping publishers earn more revenue by collaborating with advertisers – without sacrificing any of their core business.


It’s a win-win proposition, and such a good one in fact that the startup has already been embraced by giant brands such as Walmart, Target, AliExpress and Groupon.


It’s all about the shoppers.


Bidwise ensures that advertisers’ content is seen on the premium shopping sites they’re visiting. Consumers see ads for the things that they’re looking to buy. Sensible recipe, right? In the Bidwise marketplace, online retailers bid on the product categories and keywords that will trigger the display of their ads. They control the price they’re willing to pay, and only pay when their ads are clicked on.


Geared for results, Bidwise automatically optimizes targeting and creatives in order to deliver maximum conversions and return on ad spend. Another key aspect of the marketplace is that it reaches consumers across devices.


For shopping publishers, Bidwise technology can accurately predict when a consumer is about to leave a site or is having trouble finding an item on a site. This allows Bidwise to display relevant ads that benefit the consumer, earn the publisher revenue for sharing the ad, and don’t cut into a sale transaction.


It’s a fair model for everyone. Here are the creators’ of Bidwise own words: “In today’s world of programatic ad-buying, more and more retailers are using re-targeting to bring customers back to their sites. That means that your affiliate tracking cookies are being unfairly replaced shortly after you send retailers valuable traffic. As former affiliate marketers, we wanted to change this, so we built Bidwise to provide a more rewarding pricing model to premium shopping publishers for their valuable traffic. We pay you for every valid click that you send to our advertisers.”


Welcome to intent-driven advertising for retailers and brands. Ready to connect with consumers where it counts? Learn more at


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