brings bid-work to gig work for B2B and B2C.

Contracting has always been difficult, given the many considerations one must weigh when entering any formalized relationship. Codifying a “working together” document takes time and patience, two things that are regularly in short supply.

This is especially true for small and independent business owners, who rely on a whole retinue of different suppliers, contractors, gig employees and other people in order to get through the business day with everything important accomplished. provides an automated forum where one can establish effective B2B and B2C relationships for one’s home or business management. Developed in 2020 by Caleb Filson, the site allows users to simply list what they need done, and then to begin immediately receiving bids from local contractors willing to do the work.

The system is designed, from the ground up, for easy usability. Contractors themselves are responsible for setting their bids on all the warm leads they generate simply by being on our platform. Customers don’t have to wade through listings and reviews, they just have to wait until they’ve received enough bids, and then use the linked reviews to make a no-pressure contracting decision.


Because our system is designed with ease-of-use paramount, users don’t have to worry about interacting directly with belligerent bidders trying to “game” the system and rip people off. is designed equally for small business owners and homeowners, as the best forum for finding the extra hands you need to get you through the hardest days.

As CEO Filson said in a recent interview, “ is the website where people post a project they need completed, so local businesses signed up on Bidsy receive a notification and are able to contact the customer to arrange a quote.”

“This saves customers the hassle of trying to contact several businesses for their project,” Filson continues. “The customer just ‘Bidsys’ it, and then let the businesses come to them. This saves businesses the hassle of trying to understand things like SEO and AdWords; they just sign up on Bidsy and are sent warm sales leads.”