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BidMyReno.comBid My Reno is a new website in which home and business owners who need to renovate or construct anything will be able to post a project online, and get in touch with contractors who offer their services at competitive prices.


The site is free for clients.

That is, users can post as many projects as they like, at no cost whatsoever. For its part, contractors have to pay a (low) monthly fee in order to make unlimited bids.

This means that if you need to get a restoration work done you simply proceed to post your project on the site and then choose through the contractors that deem themselves as capable and make a bid. Posting the project itself entails submitting a description and the available plans – as it was just mentioned, users pay no fees at all.

Projects are listed by location and schedule too, so only those contractors which are available to work in your area will be bidding on your project. That saves everybody time, and turns the site into something more focused – after all, more than 250 municipalities in North America are already supported. In Their Own Words

“Where contractors compete for your construction needs online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since projects can be posted for free, just anybody can try the site out and see if it yields good results for himself or not.

Some Questions About

Will other territories be eventually covered?

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