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BidMyBill.comWhy spend hours looking for the perfect phone contract when you can have companies approach you instead, and vie for your attention? That’s what this new website is here for. Named BidMyBill, it lets you upload information like your data and text usage for companies to try to outbid each other, and become your new phone providers.

In practice, the whole process resembles an eBay auction in more places than one. Users (IE, people like you) just upload their bills for phone companies to bid on them, and these bids that have materialized are all showcased on the page for the listing you’ve created. You can know how many are interested in becoming your new provider at in a fell swoop, while companies are able to realize what they’re going up against at once.

And just like eBay auctions, BidMyBill auctions have an end date. So, there’s no real surprises in stock, but that’s not a bad thing – no need to murky the waters changing something that for the vast majority of users will be completely familiar and functional without having to ask anybody for help. In Their Own Words

Bid My Bill finds you a tailored new phone contract without the hassle of searching through thousands of deals.

Using your past minutes, text & data usage, lots of phone companies will out-bid each other – giving you the perfect tariff & handset of your choice.

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Are there other sites which can be compared with this one? Will the concept catch on? Are we seeing more sites like this in the future?