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Bidmodo.comBidModo stands as a free online marketplace. Here, small business owners have a ready chance to outsource most of their needs by getting local service providers to compete for their businesses and receive competitive bids in over 100 business service categories.

They can pick the vendor based on peer ratings in the same way that services such as Zagat or Epinions enable anybody to select a restaurant or a shop.

The advantage such a service has is obvious, as the ones hiring a service only have to pay for leads (EG, job posts) that match what they need in a hyper-local focus. And in each and every case, a dashboard listing bid amounts, bid history, vendor comparison, feedback and ROI analysis is featured. That will give the entrepreneur the necessary additional confidence when it comes to picking a trusted vendor.

For its part, vendors can have rich profiles that can include data such as videos and advertisements in order to communicate who they are and what they do even better.

This service is currently offered in over 80 cities across the territory of the United States of America. More are being added constantly, so that if yours is not already included simply check back often – chances are it will be listed before too long. In Their Own Words

“Free bids for local small business services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings small businesses and entrepreneurs closer, effectively fostering the development of local economies.

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Which cities are being added next to the database?