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Bidformylisting Is The New Way To Find A Real Estate Agent

It worked out… ok in the end, but finding a real estate agent and then selling a condo was one of the most stressful, miserable experiences of my life. I’ll spare readers keen on tech the sad backstory and go straight to saying I wish Bidformylisting had been around when I needed to sell my home.


bidfor mylisting landing is a platform connecting sellers or renters with real estate agents. Instead of turning to agencies the old-fashioned way, home owners post their property on Bidformylisting and have real estate agents bid to represent them.


I first had a hell of time finding an agent, because the square footage of my condo was on the small side. However, the layout was brilliant and the place in impeccable shape, and I knew that if I could get the right people to take a look they’d realize that it was an attractive and easy place to sell. Over the phone, no one would bite.


This wouldn’t be a problem with Bidformylisting because homeowners can show photos and include a lot of information that doesn’t find its way onto traditional listings. More importantly, everyone wants to turn online to find or sell a place, and Bidformylisting is easier on the eyes and more convenient for everyone involved.


The huge perk for sellers, of course, is the opportunity to watch those commission fees drop in the auction-style bidding. Free to use, it’s a no-brainer to have agents compete to represent you. What’s more, you then know that the agent with the best bid truly wants to work for you. Sadly, this is not always the case.


Unless you go by personal recommendation, it’s so tough to gauge the caliber (or integrity) of the thousands of agents out there. Bidformylisting shares agent reviews, which helps. Turning the tables, however, and having the agents pursue the sellers helps separate the go-getters from the… lesser agents.


I imagine some old timers might be upset with the establishment shakeup, but for everyone else, Bidformylisting should come as a breath of fresh air. No need to keep your place in the pecking order. See properties on Bidformylisting that you know are worth your while, and you’re in business. Instead of waiting around for the phone to ring, you can go after desirable clients.


Bidformylisting lets people connect from anywhere online, with flexible hours (important in this industry) – within the bidding period. The platform also facilitates connecting with the right professionals to help you with mortgages, home inspection, moving, and even renovations. Helping to find great, motivated agents with less headaches and more confidence is already a huge accomplishment.


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Author : Keith Liles

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