– Need A Yacht?

BGYachts.comLiving the lifestyles of the rich and famous? If you are, consider yourself lucky. Not only are you fabulously rich and immune to what ails the rest of the country, but now you’ve got a website dedicated to one of your little past times, ie yachting and boating.

The site is called BGYachts and is based out of Russia, catering mainly to a European demographic. You choose from several different languages including Russian and English. Simply put, it’s a site that lists yachts for sale and they are priced in Euros or dollars depending on the language you choose. You can search by type of boat and price range. Each comes with a photogallery of pictures as well as details and features of each boat. Simply click on the picture to learn more. Prices are quoted immediately, but the cost of shipping isn’t calculated until you have contacted BGYachts with your info and money. In Their Own Words

” The transport fee is calculated separately for each boat and varies according to size. Please contact us for details.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you’re in the market for boats, BGYachts is a good place to start. It has lots and you can easily compare and search.

Some Questions About

The site is pretty bare. Where are these boats located? How do you buy them? Are they used?