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BeyondGaming.netBeyond Gaming is a new networking site that is directly aimed at players of console games. It has two basic objectives: 1) Letting members connect in a fun and safe environment, and 2) Letting members compete against themselves in order to win cash prizes, no matter where they are geographically located.

Gamers can be situated just anywhere.

As it stands right now, Beyond Gaming fully supports Head2Head Competitions, Bracketed Tournaments and Clan (team) based public and private competitions. Registration is quick and painless, and the fact of becoming a paying member will enable you to instantly take part of stakes-based competitive games with gamers the world over.

If you think about it, the number of people who take to online gaming as a way to entertain themselves is colossal. A site like this one will let them do what they enjoy doing best, and have a chance of generating an income in the process. They will effectively monetize their video gaming skills. That is an interesting take on the whole online multiplayer phenomenon, and one that can turn a merely leisure activity into something more worthwhile for every person who is involved. In Their Own Words

“ exists to offer competitive console gamers new ways to enjoy their gaming experience in a safe, secure global platform. Our social network will provide an outlet for all competitive gamers to keep in touch, hear the gaming industry buzz, and an opportunity for gamers to compete for cash. Combining our passion for gaming with an obsession with technology, is built on a promise to give users the best possible gaming experience on the web.

The platform provides unique functionality that automatically verifies results, guarantees secure payouts, and accurately reflects the skill levels of potential opponents. Registered members are provided access to the entire social networking portion of the community but are not granted access to competitive gaming for cash functionality. Paid standard members gain access to a number of rich community features including all of the social networking capabilities as well as cash gaming, competitive leagues, team battles, tournaments and more. Standard members are limited to 25 entries per month and may purchase additional entries if they require more. Premium members are given the same access to all of the great content as others but are granted UNLIMITED entries to cash gaming and tournaments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site effectively lets gamers socialize and make an income at the same time. It gives them a perfect excuse to stay playing all night long, basically.

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