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BetterYoo.comForgetting an appointment has got nothing to do with having a head like a sieve. It actually has everything to do with having an incredibly busy schedule, and almost being buried by a heap of responsibilities. Nobody can keep track of everything under such circumstances. The only viable way out of such a conundrum is resorting to an application like BetterYoo.


In a nutshell, BetterYoo is a platform for the delivery of reminders via SMS. You will be able to arrange recurrent reminders in a matter of minutes, maybe even less, and never forget about going to the dentist, your ophthalmologist or the mechanic. These reminders can have the frequency that you want, too. You can receive them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – whatever works out best for you.

BetterYoo is a free service. You can sign up by furnishing your phone number, typing down the actual message to be delivered, and setting down how frequently you need to have that sent out to you. You will incur in no expenses of any kind for using this service. In Their Own Words

Free recurring text reminders.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for having free reminders sent to you in the one context you are sure to see them.

Some Questions About

Can you choose the time at which you want the reminders to be sent out, too? If not, will such an option ever be provided?

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