Betterspot – Internet Security, Privacy And Freedom

Nothing makes the need for a better Internet experience more urgent than a screaming two-year old.


Out and about in Montevideo, when my son had a meltdown, I told my wife we needed to immediately Uber it back to our AirBnB pad. I was ready to jump on any available WiFi, but my wife was rightfully fearful of compromising our data on an unsafe network. So instead of escaping with minimal scandal we treated onlookers to an incredible tantrum while we searched for a safer connection.


That was the first extension of our agony. When we did return with our still screaming son long overdue for his nap, I switched on Netflix only to discover that our go-to calming program was unavailable. I’m a paying account holder. Definitely not interested in regional accessibility issues when my face is being clawed and eardrums bleeding. OK, deep breaths…


These problems offer a glimpse of why Betterspot offers, well, a better way of being online.




We all want security. Betterspot uses virtual private network (VPN) technology to ensure that you’re Internet activity remains private and secure at all times. With the complimentary Betterspot app, users can easily switch from a VPR to a TOR anonymity network. You choose your level of invisibility (sometimes you want to share your data to take advantage of local features), but have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protected at all times.


This is because Betterspot has the good sense to automatically switch on your VPN, securing devices without you remembering or forgetting. What’s more, without any configuration, Betterspot protects all of your devices using the network. That includes Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows phone, and other platforms and devices.


We all want freedom. With Betterspot, you can select the countries with the best servers. This means you can avoid regional restrictions and enjoy whatever content you wish to consume. Likewise, you can stick it to the censors and enter blocked webpages or social networks without the censoring party having any knowledge of your Internet use.




You connect the Betterspot VPN router to the power and Internet source, add your devices, and you’re good to go. It’s easy to use, updates automatically, and packs conveniently for taking with you wherever you travel.


“Surf anonymously, change your physical location, and keep your web activity private and secure.” Simple, necessary, and liberating. Plus, if you become an early adaptor, Betterspot is currently offering a 20% discount. Check out more details or pre-order your Betterspot at


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