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BetterLesson.orgA site that will highly appeal to educators, Better Lesson stands as a resource where they can organize their curricula and present it to the world in a better light. That is, through the site they will be able to plan lessons in a more comprehensive way – the fact that they can share what they intend to do with colleagues will let them come up with more innovative content for their classes, as well as how to grade homework and related issues that are a daily concern for them.

The site gives users the chance to tag and search lessons for sharing them more efficiently, and that makes it possible for educators who excel at what they do to gain recognition for noteworthy lessons.

The most salient feature of such a system is obviously the ready chance it gives educators to innovate in their respective fields by connecting and discussing how what they teach within the classroom will bear relevance with what is happening in the real world. If you are an educator or intend to become one in the near future, such a resource might turn out to be one you come to time and again. In Their Own Words

“BetterLesson was founded by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools in the spring of 2008 to help educators organize and share their curricula.

We are committed to saving educators from “reinventing the wheel.” By using BetterLesson as an organizational and sharing platform, educators will be able to lesson plan more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to give warranted focus to creating innovative content, delivering innovative content, grading, tutoring, analyzing data, communicating with parents, and finishing paperwork. Oh, and sleeping.

We are also committed to connecting educators within and across diverse instructional and geographic communities. Our first core principle is that meaningful collaboration among educators is the key to creating and delivering the highest quality instruction.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a resource that can effectively bring educational standards higher, by letting those in charge of imparting knowledge do so more efficiently. Plus, it has international appeal – it is not limited to the United States.

Some Questions About

In which languages is the site already available? Which ones are forthcoming?