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BetterFly.comBetterFly is a resource that aims to match people who want to realize their personal goals with individuals who could help them do that. If we were to define it, we could say that BetterFly is both a marketplace and a community site in which A) Everything revolves around the realization lifestyle-connected objectives, and B) A marked human touch is emphasized, as the focus is placed on individual service providers rather than companies.

The site, then, includes a wide array of teachers, coachers, trainers and tutors. Each is been rated by people who have hired their “betterist” services, and (when looking anything up) you can choose to see only the ones who have received the best ratings. That is nothing new (and neither is the ability to browse them by criteria), but it is as useful as ever for those who don’t want to browse through an endless succession of ads that might be seemingly identical.

For its part, betterists are provided with a calendar for the taking and managing of appointments in a concrete fashion. They can also express themselves via the provided blogging platform, and this is yet another example of the degree of personalization that this site is aiming at. In Their Own Words

“Betterfly is the easy way to find the people – not companies – to help you learn, look and feel better.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The human side of teachers and instructors is better-appreciated in such a context, as the person behind the service provider is what is emphasized.

Some Questions About

Is the site absolutely free both for those who list their services and for those who look them up?

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